Student Special! 10 Classes $106 

(Ages 16+)





6:00am Yoga-Kristen 

9am Barre - Kristen 

4:15pm -  Strength-Kristen


6:00am YoLift -Gary 

9am YoLift -Gary

9:30am Barre - Kristen


Private Stretch - Wendy


available by appointment

6:00am YoLift -Gary 

9am YoLift -Gary

9:30am Barre - Kristen 

Private Stretch - Wendy


Available by appointment

6:00am Yoga-Kristen 

9am Barre - Kristen 

4:15pm -Strength-Kristen

6pm - Yoga Basics- Loren



6am yoga - Kristen

9am Yoga -Kristen 


8am Gentle Yin Flow -

Judy Orr

9:00 am Strength -Gary


Private Sessions

These sessions are great if you are new to yoga/lifting, healing from an injury or want to level up your fitness routine!

Kid/Teen Private

Our Young Warrior strength/yoga classes are a perfect way to keep them fit and flexible in season or off season

Contact us to Schedule YOUR PRIVATE Group.  

(NOTE: this schedule is subject to change based on weather conditions and demand). Please go to Vagaro for our weekly schedule.

Class Descriptions



Flexibility & Strength


Using weights and state of the art equipment, we will synergistically link breathwork with strong, mindful and deliberate functional movements.  In this class, we target key areas of the body to build strength & flexibility to live a healthier life with fewer injuries.


Vinyasa Yoga

Zen Meets Strength

Center your Mind and Strengthen your body with this powerful Vinyasa flow class. Breath-work, meditation, core power moves and arm balances to build strength, stretch and chill.



Yoga Meets Barre


In this class, we integrate Vinyasa flow and yoga poses with traditional Barre moves to create a powerful synergy of Zen and Lift. 


Mat Pilates

Lengthen & Strengthen

A dynamic, total body workout featuring classical Pilates Exercises with and without small equipment such as the small ball, stretch band and Pilates ring.  You'll strengthen your core, tone your hips and thighs and flatten your abs! Deep burn, big tone up!


Kick Boxing/Lift

Power & Movement

Strengthen the body and mind by linking the power of dynamic kick-boxing movements and the strengthening aspects of Lifting weights. This full body workout will get your blood pumping and create lean, pliable, strong muscles.


Tone & Lift


Barre with elements of Pilates, dance, yoga, and functional training.  Lengthen and tone using barre and exercise equipment such as mini-balls and small hand weights to sculpt, slim and stretch your entire body.

Suspend Strength

Strengthen & Prevent Injuries


Using a system of straps and handles, called suspension trainers  allows you to work against your own body weight. Working with Suspension straps is an effective way to prevent sports injuries because it is more “functional”. It exercises groups of muscles rather than isolating individual ones.






Flexibility & Strength


Empowering youth to get strong and stay healthy, we use light weights and stretching techniques specifically in mind for developing bodies. 




Gentle Yin Flow Yoga

Slow-Flow & Soothe


This slower paced, vinyasa class will explore mindful, gentle stretches and poses that focus on lengthening muscles and softening tension, opening the hips, hamstrings, chest and low back.  Soothe both body and mind by combining simple stretches & mindful movement in addition to balance and strengthening poses. Class includes relaxation breathing practice and is accessible to all levels.



Pilates Meets Yoga


Yolates is a holistic training method combining elements of yoga, pilates, strength and meditation. During this class we use small equipment; light dumbbells, ring-tones and occasionally resistance bands. Deep burn, big tone up!



Strength, Conditioning & Endurance Training 


Speed: Acceleration, deceleration, linear and lateral movement techniques, footwork.

Explosive Power: Weights, plyometrics, medicine ball,  jumping/landing techniques.

Strength: Functional movement approach, upper body, lower body & core.


Conditioning: Game ready preparation.

Injury reduction: Stretching, foam rolling, correct muscular imbalances.


Email us for class times or private/semi-private sessions.




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