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Blue Skies


Strong by Nature

Blue Skies


Strong on Center is a unique fitness center surrounded by NATURE 
offering a variety of classes to keep you mobile, flexible, strong and mindful.

This synergistic fusion of  classes allows adequate recovery time and helps reduce injuries.



Gary Smith-Owner/trainer


I am Gary Smith, the co-founder of Strong on Center. I have been a personal trainer and licensed massage therapist  (#5586) for the past 10 years. Before that, I was on a semi-professional football team and made it to the NFL Combine. Fitness has always been a part of my life and I believe that combining strength training and stretching is the key to living a healthier, more vibrant & youthful life.  We bring that philosophy to life by providing both strength and conditioning classes complemented by flexibility and Barre classes.  At Strong on Center,  I teach private and group fitness classes to adults and kids.  I enjoy empowering people of all ages to be their best and strive to be better.  I train young athletes on and off-season to improve their performance on the field/court.  I love training and I truly love waking up every day because I love helping people feel great about themselves.  


Southern Connecticut - Exercise Science Major, 2007 Massage Therapy, EMT trained.  

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Kundalini Yoga Lotus

Kristen McGovern-Owner/trainer


I am Kristen McGovern, the co-founder of Strong on Center. I teach Barre, YoLift, Strength & Yoga at SOC.  As a certified Health Coach, I offer nutritional counseling and 21-day reset programs to all of our clients. 


I trained for and ran marathons for over a decade until an injury sidelined me from my running. I tried one yoga class and never went back. The synthesis of movement and deep connection with breath left me feeling so incredible, that I knew it would be something I would never stop doing.  My Yoga classes combine traditional asana and pranayama with twisting, balance work, and core/abdominal integration, providing an opportunity to explore the spiritual through the physical.  Since I was introduced to Barre, it has improved and increased my muscle tone and strength by utilizing the smaller muscle groups, creating long lean muscles. Combining strength training, yoga and Barre has made me stronger than I ever could have imagined.

200 Hour Yoga Alliance certification, Barre Certification, Y12SR 12 Step Recovery Yoga Certification, ISSA personal training certification, IIN Health Coach.  


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