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Class Descriptions

YoLift TM

Strength Training Meets Yoga!

During this class we will take you through a sequence of Yoga Poses and breathe work to warm up the core and body. Once you are warmed up, we will add weights and body weight exercises to get strong, flexible and mobile. 


Classic functional movement exercises always focusing on proper form and body mechanics. During this class we will strength train using Olympic Bars & Kettlebells rounding off the class with a killer ab routine. 

Barre Mix  


Traditional Barre methods combined with functional movement, mobility work and cardio. During this class we use a ballet bar, light weights, balls, pilates rings and bands to get your body long and lean. 

Box Fit by Fisticuffs  


Boxing Conditioning combines strength work and cardio conditioning to strike a total body balance. Move through a series of seven 3-minute rounds, alternating between speed and power. Hit your core with extra attention before class ends. Get an extra rush from the energy in class.

Vinyasa Yoga  


Zen Meets Strength.

​Center your Mind and Strengthen your body with this powerful Vinyasa flow class. Breath-work, meditation, core power moves and arm balances to build strength, stretch and chill.

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