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This is why we LOVE what we do!

Craig M. Newtown, CT 


I am a Male in my earlier 50’s and have been working out at Yo-lift for the past 5 years.  It has been transformational for me in terms of enjoying my hobbies to the next level of physical activity.    I enjoy snow boarding and cycling.  Due to the classes at Yolift my strength, conditioning and flexibility has greatly increased which allows me to enjoy these activities at a higher level and without injury.


Kristen and Gary are always “changing up the classes” to insure no one workout is the same as the next.  They provide the personal attention required to make sure your form is correct and you are maximizing your workout.


I would highly recommend Yo-lift and the classes they offer from Yoga to weight training to stretching.  You will not be disappointed.


Janet H. - Weston, CT

I have been coming to SOC for over a year and have since brought several friends and my husband.
We all LOVE the work outs and continue to build strength, endurance & balance. The Barre class is always challenging and Kristen does a great job working on form to target specific muscles and safely execute the routines. I’ve never felt better!!

Matt H - Easton, CT 


Love being a part of the weekday 6am crew. The yoga classes are super inclusive for all levels and the cross training classes focus on increasing mobility and building strength. Kristen and Gary are awesome people, great motivators and driven to creating a welcome space and environment.




Sean C. - Easton, CT 


THE BEST EXPERIENCE I HAVE EVER HAD AT ANY GYM/YOGA CLASS/TRAINING! Their Yoga sessions are the great for the average yogi or even the advance enthusiast. Their strength classes are incredible for all levels. Love the challenge while focusing on "breathing" and "mindfulness". This place is an Easton gem!

Laura M. - Easton, CT


I Cannot recommend highly enough. Whether you work out consistently, are going back to working out after a break, or have never done a class-- Kristen and Gary will give you the personalized attention and instruction to raise both your confidence and your fitness level. The indoor/outdoor workout areas are unlike any other fitness center. And the Barre/Strength classes are never boring, always challenging, and cater to all fitness levels. Truly a local gem.

Martha S. Easton, CT

SOC is an amazingly innovative indoor-outdoor gym. The vibes are great and the atmosphere is unpretentious. No matter where you are in your present fitness journey, Kristen & Gary will meet you there. They offer a range of classes that focus on building strength and improving balance. Kristen leads amazing yoga and barre classes and Gary’s strength classes are always hard work but fun- the tunes are cranking and so is the wood stove! They offer an array of times to fit your busy schedule. Check them out- you’ll be so glad you got off the couch!

Duvian M. - Easton CT


Gary has been great at keeping me focused and excited about our workouts. Each class is filled with new ways of strengthening and stretching muscles that help me with my every-day activities. After a year of being at strong is the healthiest I felt in years. He really works with you to get the most out of you!

Daniella R. - Fairfield, CT 


I have been practicing yoga with Kristen for years now, and she is absolutely the best! She knows how to challenge you just enough and I have definitely gotten stronger through her classes. Space is beautiful, especially in the summer when you can do yoga outdoors, and to top it all off, Kristen and Gary are just amazing people. 5 stars aren’t even enough! SOC is one of my favorite places to be!

Jeannie B. - Easton CT 


Strong on Center has become my new yoga/gym studio. Kristen has a way of teaching an extremely challenging yoga class for all levels. I also incorporate Gary's lift classes, which has made me a much stronger. Whether I'm taking yoga, barre or lifting classes, it's always a great work out. Since joining I'm truly much healthier and stronger!

Beth G. - Monroe CT 


I have been a client for over three years and lost 6% body fat, I'm down three Jean sizes and consistently kept off 10+ pounds. I've attended all different classes and used their personal training and nutrition advice and my son has attended their kids classes. I've tried all other types of gyms and work outs in the area and SOC is the best! Kristen and Gary are experts and they care for the clients. They have created a great community at Strong on Center! I highly recommend!!!

Marissa F. - Easton CT 


I love the versatility and of the classes offered here – strengthening and toning, yoga and barre. It has been a perfect mix of workouts that I've needed over my college break and I look forward to resuming after graduation!

Kristin Z. - Monroe, CT


Kristen, and Gary lead positive classes that motivate and challenge you to do and be your very best. Their small class sizes make it easy for them to give you the attention you need. 

Kristen tailors each workout to fit you and your needs. She takes the time to listen to your goals and works hard to help you achieve them. She makes sure you understand each move before doing it and gives you multiple different levels of a move so you can modify to best fit your abilities. Kristen brings such positive energy to each class and motivates you to stay strong throughout each workout.

Amy Z -Easton, CT


I’m so grateful for Kristen and Gary and SOC. They have created an amazing community of people who are interested in being the best they can be and filled a huge void in the Easton area. They provide thoughtful, challenging and inspiring work outs in all their classes. I’ve never been so aware of my core, mindful of how I’m using my body each day, and feel the strongest I’ve been in a long time, thanks to them.

Jon P. Weston, CT 


I'm relatively new to class workout sessions and "gyms" in general but have truly enjoyed my experiences with Gary & Kristen. The setting is perfect, it has everything you need in an intimate and friendly environment, very welcoming to all and zero BS. They offer multiple classes for many different levels and interests and are flexible in developing new ones to fit their client's needs. They push you but don't break you and make the adjustments as needed, very hands-on. My favorite is when they teach a class together and work off of each other. I will continue to recommend them both and their facility without hesitation!

Stacy V. Easton, CT


I can’t say enough positive things about Strong on Center. They take the individual into account and make sure they are improving, Staying motivated and not injuring themselves. It is exactly what I was looking for! If you’re looking for a great place to work out with knowledgeable and professional instructors this is the place!


Nate B. -Fairfield, CT 


I’ve been a member at Strong On Center for the past 7 months and its the best workout program I’ve ever done. Gary & Kristen are focused on your development and do a great job keeping the workouts fresh & engaging. Highly recommend. 

Donna V. Easton, CT


So grateful for this hidden gem of a gym. SOC is exactly what I’ve been looking for in a workout. Kristen is one of the most caring instructors I’ve ever met. Her true concern for my safety and well-being makes me feel like I have my own personal trainer. She sends me uplifting messages when she sees that I’m struggling. She even created 2 ‘beginner’ classes for those of us that need to build up to a more difficult work-out. But rest assured ‘beginner’ doesn’t mean easy, she brings out the best in every single one her clients. So glad to have found them!


Sue D. Fairfield, CT  I LOVE Strong on Center! Kris and Gary are very knowledgeable fitness instructors and just awesome nice people! They strive to challenge each client to their

potential while emphasizing proper form and safety. Beyond the weights and

mats, Kris and Gary want their clients to maintain a healthy lifestyle so classes

often include information on nutrition, juicing, fasting, stretching and

mindfulness. I live in Fairfield where I have access to a wide variety of fitness

studios/gyms but I drive those 7+ miles each way because of Kristen and Gary.

They are committed to each client – no matter their ability level.


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